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CAMERIG44 FIETS (NL) 09/2017


If the above applies to you and you’re looking for a wheel set which you can ride right after receiving them, please read on.

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CAMERIG44 GRINTA! (BE) August 2017

How does an Aero-Allrounder perform in the typical environment of a spring classic race in the north of France? This was the main question, which will be answered in the review of the Belgian Grinta! magazine. Here you can read the complete review. 
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HOUFFA25 (GER) August 2017

“With a price of 1.399 €, the ZEAL HOUFFA25  is the first ever fairly affordable high-class carbon wheel set in the market.” This the conclusion of the latest review about our carbon MTB wheels on, the most visited German speaking website about bikes. Read the rest of the summary here or check the MTB-News website for the entire review.

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CAMERIG44 Triathlon (GER) August 2017

Triathlon magazine Germany reviewed 16 aero wheels between € 899,- and € 5.220,- in their August issue. Here is a summary of the test result of ZEAL’s CAMERIG44, the lightest wheel set in the comparison.
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What a great test result for our HOUFFA25 wheel set in the July issue of Mountainbike Magazine In “the most elaborate wheel test of all time” the German Magazine has tested 14 wheel sets. In the Carbon category (€ 1.399 – € 3.200) our HOUFFA25 were awarded with a “PRICE-PERFORMANCE TIP” and “VERY GOOD” as the overall result.
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