If the above applies to you and you’re looking for a wheel set which you can ride right after receiving them, please read on. These beautiful wheels are supplied with brake pads, quick releases, mounted 25 millimeter tires (plus inner tubes) en connectable bags. Okay, you do need to mount a cassette, but after that you can hit the road right away. Ready to ride, is how ZEAL calls this. The relatively young brand has a line of high-end wheels and is founded by people with backgrounds at SRAM and Canyon. This CAMERIG44 set (most likely named after the hill in Limburg from the Amstel Gold Race) has 44 millimeter deep carbon rims and DT Swiss hubs, laced together with 20 (front) and 24 spokes (rear). A set weighs less than 1500 grams. Notable are the, at first glance somewhat edgy, ‘Kamm Tail’ rims. Especially in current times where most wheel manufacturers are opting for extreme convex rim profiles. We haven’t had the change to test the aerodynamics in the wind tunnel unfortunately, but we did on the road. Short conclusion: they are not too deep, ride smoothly and offer impressive performance. The rims are 25 millimeter wide, offering the tires the room to fully expand: the 25 millimeter tires are getting close to 26mm due to this. Brake performance is okay, but they still are carbon rims. The CAMERIG’s are neatly built with fine components, nicely finished and they stand out from the crowd. They are quite wide, which might look a bit excessive on sleek road bikes. However, in a modern aero road bike they just look stunning. Minus: the quick releases. Just change them to standard Shimano quick releases.


Fiets test report:

Functionality: 4 out of 5 stars

Price/quality: 3,5 out of 5 stars