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Below we explain how ZEAL handles personal data on this website and which cookies are placed by ourselves and by third parties. ZEAL deals confidentially with your data. We do everything we can to guarantee the reliability and security of your data.


We protect your privacy as follows:

  • When visiting our website we recognise neither your domain name nor your e-mail address.
  • Your personal information is never sold to third parties.
  • Your data is stored securely in a non-publicly accessible database.
  • is secured by SSL
  • When paying for your order at, we use the payment platforms of Shopify, Paypal and Klarna.
  • We only use your e-mail address for your order and service purposes.
  • We will only send you commercial e-mails if you have registered for them yourself. Of course you can always unsubscribe at any time for these mailings.
  • We also handle information that is sent to us via e-mail or via contact forms. This personal information is treated as confidential information.


Because the product you have ordered must be delivered to your home, we will give your name and address to our shipping company UPS. UPS respects the confidentiality of your data.

If you place an order on, we will ask you the following information from you:

  • Name
  • Address data
  • Shipping address (if different from your own address details)
  • Phone number
  • E-mail address

We request this information so that we can send you an official invoice and deliver the order to your home. We also need this information to keep you informed about the delivery of your order.

COOKIES uses cookies. A cookie is a simple small file that is sent with pages from this website [and / or Flash applications] and stored by your browser on your hard drive from your computer.

The information stored therein can be sent back to our servers on a subsequent visit.

At we use:

  • Functional cookies These cookies are necessary for the functioning of the website.
  • Analytics cookies On, anonymised data about the surfing behavior is collected via Google Analytics. This way we can see how visitors like you use and improve the website on that basis
  • Tracking cookies On "tracking cookies" are placed for analytical purposes or advertisements by, for example, social networks such as Facebook. These cookies are not placed by ourselves, but by third parties. For this reason we can not take responsibility for this. Read the privacy statement of these social networks to read what they do with your (personal) data that they process via these cookies. only places cookies that are necessary for the functioning of the website. For example, your login details are remembered, so you do not have to log in again and you can store or compare products in a wish list.

The use of cookies is of great importance for the proper running of our website. However, cookies that you do not immediately notice the effect are also important for the website. For example, cookies from Google Analytics. With these cookies we can - anonymously - view how visitors use our website. ZEAL does not know who you are, but we use the information about your visit to our website to better tailor it to the needs of the visitors. In addition, cookies allow information to be shared via social media.

This website also uses "tracking cookies". These are "third party cookies" that are placed for analytical purposes or advertisements. They are called third party cookies because they are not placed by ourselves, but by third parties. We have no influence on this and therefore we can not take responsibility for this.

Do not you want cookies to be placed? Then you can easily disable cookies via your browser.

  • Google Chrome
  • Edge and Internet Explorer (Internet Explorer, Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 7)
  • Safari
  • Mozilla/Firefox


On our website buttons are included to promote web pages or share on social networks like Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. These buttons contain pieces of code that come from the social media itself and place a cookie. This cookie remembers that you are logged in so that you do not have to log in to your social media account each time you want to share something. ZEAL does not affect these cookies. If you want to see what this social media with personal information does, you can read the privacy statement of Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest (which can change regularly).

Embedded content

On a product detail page and in blog articles, content can be used that is hosted on other sites and accessed on Think of YouTube videos. Cookies can be used in the same way as the social buttons. What they do with the cookies and personal data can be found in the privacy policy of the relevant service. ZEAL has no control over this.


ZEAL sends its e-mail newsletters only to those who have signed up for this newsletter. These e-mail newsletters keep you informed of our actions and the latest news and products. If you no longer wish to receive the e-mail newsletter, you can easily unsubscribe by clicking on the unsubscribe link at the bottom of each newsletter that you have received.

Consultation and correction

Do you want to see your data? Or do you want ZEAL to delete your data from its system? Contact us by e-mail at

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