The German RoadBIKE magazine released a very positive review of our CAMERIG44 wheel set in its June issue. Besides the innovative Kamm-Tail approach the tester liked the specifications such as stiffness, weight and brake performance plus the huge delivery content. Here are some highlights of the test.

-“In the RoadBIKE laboratory the noble designed set, which is also available for disc brakes, pleased with less than 1.500 g despite the rim depth of 44 mm”

-“The lateral stiffness of the front wheel was very high (96 Nm/°) and in the rear with 78 Nm/° absolutely in the green range”

-“On the road the wheels appealed as swift endurance runners, which are capable to keep high speed.”

-“The brake performance on the Carbon surface was impeccable”

-“Pleasing extensive: The delivery content of the direct to consumer wheels.”

Read the complete review on page 72 of RoadBIKE 06/2017