Brainstorming about product names can be exciting but also frustrating and very time consuming. The name needs to be catchy, recognizable, self-explaining, easy to pronounce and finally convey emotion, which will trigger the customer. Easy don’t you think so?

Very often the word “all-round” will be understood as “nothing special” but in the context of cycling the Allrounder is a very strong rider. Often these “Puncheurs” are icons of the professional peloton.  And one of the favorite races for every Allrounder is the Amstel Gold Race. Since 1966 the Amstel is often considered the opening race of the Ardennes Week although the race location in Limburg is not part of the Ardennes.

A real Puncheur needs to get along with any wind and weather

With more than 30 short hills, which challenge the riders in an increasing frequency the climbing distance adds up to 46,7 km and 2.318 meters in altitude.

Erik Zabel shared the following memories about the tough race with us: “For me the Amstel Gold race was always a very special Challenge. Even though I have sought my chances in a sprint final, the Amstel Gold Race is a race for All-Rounder. This is true for the rider but also for the material. Therefore, I was even happier that I could win the race in the year 2000. The huge number of short climbs, such as the Camerig make the race very difficult and you are wondering, if you are really in the Netherlands, while heaving up the steep ramps.

And also for Michael Rich the Amstel was a special challenge. “For me as a time trail specialist the aerodynamics of a bike component always have the highest priority. But especially in the Ardennes Classics, such as the Amstel Gold Race, all-rounder skills matter. Aerodynamics are important, especially when you are in a breakaway. But the variety of short climbs, like the Camerig require lightweight material, which is also very stiff to climb the steep hills out-of-saddle. The often very bad road surface also gives a certain priority to the comfort of the bike.”

Located in the Netherland and very close to the German and Belgium boarder, the Camerig is a part of an international training area for passionate cyclists.

When we started our brainstorming about names we sat together in Maastricht, the starting point of the Amstel Gold Race and during a great bike ride on the same day we passed the Camerig. Not the steepest (3,8%), not the longest (4.300m) and not the highest (118m -> 281m = 163m) thus the allrounder climb after all.

Surrounded by a very nice landscape you can even enjoy an ice cream or a piece of cake at the start, if you are not competing in the race. To be honest it took more than six months until we recalled this bike ride.

But now we are confident, that we have found the perfect name for our All-round product.